Recordings of some of the events I participated in or was a facilitator of

Video recordings of talks I was invited to participate in and events I helped to facilitate

“Because we are one heart, one mind, One Self, we can only know our selves through sharing in unity and relationship. We could only share in unity and relationship through a seeming separation from the oneness in which we exist.” (A Course of Love)
Vivendo uma vida plena

Heart to Heart

How A Course of Love
changed my life

Resgate o seu poder

Acceptance: A Liberating Attitude

What you resist persists. What you accept can be transformed.

Construindo relacionamentos significativos

Wisdom of the Heart

What the heart sees: no longer looking out but looking in

Descubra seu verdadeiro Ser

Transformative Relationships

Know yourself and become a change agent through relationships

Mova da incerteza para a guia interior

Listening to Our Feelings

Discovering the messages and revelations they bring us

Recupere a sua liberdade

Presence of Being

Interview with Ana Maria Fernandez in Brazil

Descubra seu verdadeiro Ser

What is A Course of Love?

Introducing ACOL to students of A Course in Miracles

Mova da incerteza para a guia interior

Living the Way of Mary

Teaching by being one’s true Self rather than talking about it

Recupere a sua liberdade

The End of Suffering

Returning to the love and truth of who we are

Descubra seu verdadeiro Ser

The Alchemy of Feelings

How to let feelings of anger and sadness be transmuted back to love

Mova da incerteza para a guia interior

Living a Full Life

What it takes to live a life that is meaningful and complete